May 8, 2020
Inshore Fishing Rod Holders
August 11, 2020

Inshore Support Bar



Portarod is the perfect product for fishermen that don’t want to lay their fishing rods down in the bed of their truck. The Portarod Inshore system is a stylish, light weight, fully adjustable, easy to use, easy to store rod holder that fits any truck, as well as any budget, making transporting your fishing rods worry free. With its ratcheting design there is no need to drill holes or load your truck with some bulky contraption. We truly believe that Portarod is the superior fishing rod transporter on the market and we know that once you’ve used it, you’ll believe it too.

  • Easy ratcheting action fixes Portarod in place without drilling or bolts
  • Fits Any Truck: The ratcheting support bar is expandable (53″-84″) and will easily fit to any year, make or model truck.
  • Customize Portarod To Your Needs: Adjust the vertical angel of your rods as well as the space between each rod holder.
  • Easy To Use: The ratchet action allows you to easily and firmly secure Portarod into place in seconds, and remove just as easily.
  • Easy To Store: Portarod is fully removable (Locks are available). There’s no drilling or bolts! Its light weight body makes Portarod easy to get from the truckbed to the garage without breaking a sweat. Its compact design allows for versatile storage options.
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